All things Agile

Finding people who really understand Agility and Agile isn't that simple.  Everyone seems to have jumped on the "Agile Bandwagon" but without really understanding how different it is from other types of Change Management.  At Programme Recruitment we understand what makes a person, and a company, Agile.  Our Agile consultants have completed SCRUM Master and Product Owner Training and have worked with experienced professionals in the field.  We maintain Keeping Agile Simple groups on LinkedIn & Twitter and maintain the Keeping Agile Simple daily blog.  Through these channels we're able to keep right up to date on the latest developments and contribute to the Agile world.

We have also developed the Agile & SCRUM Evaluation that is designed to provide an objective view of the knowledge profile for SCRUM Masters, Product Owners, Developers and other team members.  Consisting of 70 standard multiple choice questions it covers the whole of the Agile & SCRUM frameworks and underlying concepts.

The questions are divided into:

  • Agility & Scaling Agile: Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles, Agile Mind, Larger Agile Programmes & Projects, Command & Control v Servant Leadership
  • SCRUM Roles & Responsibilities: SCRUM Master, Product Owner, Chief Product Owner, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Developer and SCRUM Team
  • SCRUM Control: SCRUM Process, SPRINT planning, SPRINT review, SPRINT Retrospective, SCRUM Reporting and Performance Reports, Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Done
  • SCRUM Tools & techniques: XP Methods, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Code Reviews, Quality Assurance
  • Agile People: Leadership, Stakeholder management, Teamwork, Communication, Negotiation, Organisation Structure, Conflict Management, Delegation

By analysis of these results, and comparing them to previous profiles gathered over a number of years, the Knowledge Profile enables us to understand the strengths, development needs and experience of candidates and provide the right person for your role.  We can also evaluate your current team and highlight skills, knowledge and development priorities as part of our services.  Please contact us for more information.

You can have a go at a trial version of the evaluation by clicking on this link: Agile & SCRUM Trial Evaluation