Building great BA Teams

Finding the right Business Analysts for your business isn't easy.  With such a wide diversity in Business Analysis skills it can be difficult to find exactly the person that you want.  At Programme Recruitment we've developed an Online Evaluation specifically designed for Business Analysis.  Based on the IIBA it's designed to provide an objective view of the knowledge profile for a wide range of Business Analysts from different backgrounds, industries and environments.  Consisting of over 100 standard multiple choice questions it covers the whole of the International Institute Business Analysis frameworks and its underlying concepts.

The questions are divided into:

  • Planning & Monitoring: Planning Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Requirements Management Process                                                                                                                
  • Elicitation: Requirements Elicitation, Facilitation & Workshops, Baselining, Managing Solution Scope, Requirements Traceability, Requirement Packages
  • Commercial & Requirements Management: Defining Business Needs, Goals & Objectives, Defining Strategy, Prioritisation, Modelling Requirements, Verification & Validation, Assumptions & Constraints
  • Process Engineering: Process Architecture, Process Mapping, CASE Tools, UML, Process Test Strategy and Business Process Reengineering & Management
  • Business Development: Organisational Readiness, Forcefield Analysis, Measuring Solution Performance
  • Tools & Methods: Facilitation, Workshops, Focus Groups, Data Modelling, Data Dictionary, Decision Analysis, Functional Decomposition, Prototyping, Scenario Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams, State Diagrams, Benchmarking, Brainstoring, Estimation , Interviews, Metrics & Performance, Observation, Risk Analysis, SWOT & PESTLE Analysis, Structured Walkthrough, Problem Tracking & Vendor Assessment
  • Leading People: Leadership, Stakeholder management, Teamwork, Communication, Negotiation, Organisation Structure, Conflict Management, Delegation, Stress Management

By analysis of these results, and comparing them to previous profiles gathered over a number of years, the Knowledge Profile enables us to understand the strengths, development needs and experience of candidates and provide the right person for your role.  We can also evaluate your current team and highlight skills, knowledge and development priorities as part of our services.  Please contact us for more information.

You can have a go at a trial version of the evaluation by clicking on this link: IIBA Business Analyst Trial Evaluation