Dr David Hillson's Article Archive...

Programme is delighted to announce Dr David Hillson, aka The Risk Doctor, has agreed to contribute articles to the Programme Recruitment News Channel. Here's an introduction…

"I am known as The Risk Doctor and it’s my privilege to lead the team at Risk Doctor & Partners, in helping people to deal effectively with uncertainty wherever they encounter it.

I’ve been consulting in risk management for nearly 30 years, although it doesn’t seem that long. This has included reviews of risky projects and programmes of course, but I also help boards and senior management teams to understand and manage their strategic risks. In addition I work with disadvantaged communities in Africa and elsewhere to help them address the risks they face in everyday life. I believe that risk management is not just an essential contributor to successful projects and businesses, but I see it as a vital life skill.

A lot of my work has been overseas, with clients in more than 40 countries, on every continent except the Antarctic! As well as consulting, I write and speak widely on risk and I aim to write a major risk book each year – nine so far! My motto is “Understand profoundly so you can explain simply”, so I try to combine sound thinking with practical application.

I believe that risk management works and that it makes the difference between success and failure. I hope my contributions to the Programme Recruitment News Channel will help readers to manage their own risks more effectively, whether they are professional, project or personal."

Dr David Hillson CMgr FRSA FIRM FCMI HonFAPM PMI-Fellow

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