Flexibility is the key

Change is our passion and we understand that change happens fast.  To meet your demands we've developed a whole range of modular services that enable you to get exactly the services you need, when you need them and at the right price. Utlising our tools has proven to increase finding the right calibre of technical and soft skills, first time around.

Programme Recruitment believe that we have a unique proposition that not only ensures that you can recruit the capable people you need but also develop the abilities of your own internal, on site recruitment groups and HR teams to deliver the right people to the business by utilising our tools.  At Programme Recruitment we apply Agile methods to everything we do.  We work closely with you to define your needs, priorities and the approach that suits you best.

For recruitment we can:

  • Provide our unique online evaluations for your own internal use; tailor it, train your internal teams and rebrand it so it becomes yours! Evaluations available - Business Analysis, Project Management & Programme Management, Solution Architecture and Agile
  • Train your hiring managers and internal recruitment group and HR teams to develop their interviewing techniques covering a candidates technical and soft skills
  • Support your recruitment group and hiring managers in developing effective job descriptions. Register on our site today as a client and you will have access to our on line job specifications that you can amend to suit your needs.

    We can also provide other consultancy services through our sister company Programme Development  including:

  • Change Management Maturity Assessments to identify your strengths & weaknesses and the best ways to deal with them
  • Evaluation, debriefing and development planning for your current team to meet the changing demands of your markets
  • Direct training & coaching services to develop your ability to deliver effectively
  • Access to Change Management professionals to provide direct support to your current projects & programmes

    Have a look at the Programme Development website and contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. 

    Overall, our unrivalled tools and techniques can increase your capability to deliver and make a real difference.