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Get started on the road to improved personal achievement with Programme Recruitment's free online, in-depth, project management and programme management evaluation, covering the 5 key stages of project management - Planning, Initiation, Methods, People and Control.

If this is your first visit to Programme Recruitment's website, and you would like more information about how the evaluation can help you please visit - Developing a great Project Management team

Once you have logged in using one of the appropriate log in boxes below,  you will be directed to the instruction page. Please do take the time to read it through before commencing the evaluation.

Do ensure you have a good 60 - 90 minutes free, so you can focus and can complete in one sitting. Note: if the session times out due to inactivity all data inputed up to that point will be lost.

You will receive a PDF report of your results, giving you a greater understanding of your skillset and qualities. Please do let us know if you would like to arrange a free Programme Recruitment telephone consultation. By debriefing you, we gain a good insight into cultural fit, project stakeholder management, communication skills and potential personal development options. 

Please note  the resulting PDF report will automatically be sent to the e-mail address registered. Alternatively, you can file and save the resulting PDF report onto your desktop using the download/save button at the bottom of the results page screen.

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