Programme Management Job Specifications

On the Programme Recruitment programme management job specifications page, you will find downloadable job specifications for popular programme management roles.

Simply search our programme management job specifications on the drop down menu below. Once you've found what you're looking for, click the 'download' button on the job specification you require and alter to suit the needs of your programme.


 Programme Director Job Specification

 The Programme Director delivers programmes, while working with  the Chief Executive on long term strategic goals and partnerships.



 Group Wide Head of Programmes Job Specification

 The Head of Programmes ensures programmes are delivered  according to the agreed success parameters.



 Programme Manager Job Specification

 The Programme Managers job is to manage related projects,  ensuring all programme benefits are realised. 



 Programme Assurance Manager Job Specification

 The Programme Assurance Manager's prime responsibility is to  define, develop and implement assurance processes.



 Programme/Delivery Release Manager Job Specification

 This is a senior role within programme delivery, working with a  Senior Delivery Manager, ensuring IT elements are landed correctly.



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