Project Delivery Document Templates

Project Delivery is the third and penultimate phase of a project. During this project management phase, the project management team delivers the products and/or services being offered as part of the project.

On this project document template page, you will find popular project delivery document templates,used by Project Managers and Programme Managers, to help them deliver projects to time, cost and quality.

Simply click the 'download' button on the project delivery document you require and alter to suit the needs of your project or programme.


 End Stage Report Template

 An End Stage Report is a document, written by the Project  Manager, reviewing the project delivery in a particular project  stage, focusing on reviews of risks, issues, time, cost, quality,  scope, lessons learned and the project team.



 Exception Report Template

 An Exception Report is a report to highlight any exceptions or  deviations to the plan. It provides the lessons learned from  having gone through the deviation so that future projects can  benefit from them.



 Issue Report Template

 An Issue Report helps to identify and resolve project issues  before they become project risks. An issue report gets signed  off once a decision on the issue has been reached.




 Status Flash Report Template

 A Status Flash Report is a document that regularly gets sent to  project stakeholders. The report is a one page document,  highlighting all importants areas of the project, quickly and  briefly.




 Change Log Template

 A Change Log is a document that keeps  track of all changes requested during a  project.




 Change Request Form Template

 A Change Request Form documents  change requests and summarises  justifications, costs and what's required  for the change to be completed.



 Configuration Record Template

 A Configuration Record provides a record  of all items being configured on the  project, as well as detailing who's  responsible for them.




 Daily Log Template

 A Daily Log is a document, kept by the  Project Manager, to keep track of all daily  events on a project, who's responsible for  the event and any comments.



 Highlight Report Template

 A Highlight Report is a document that  goes out periodically throughout the  project, highlighting the progress made to  date, as well as key risks and issues.



 Issue Register Template

 An Issue Register, or an Issue Log,  records a list of known project issues,  both ongoing and closed, throughout the  duration of the project. 



 Lessons Learned Log Template

 A Lessons Learned Log documents all  lessons learned throughout the duration  of the project. It documents lessons as  they occur.



 Quality Register Template

 A Quality Register, otherwise known as a  Quality Log, summarises all details for  the planned and completed quality  activities throughout the project.



 Risk Register Template

 A Risk Register, or Risk Log, is a risk  management tool used in project  management. It holds all  information on  risks identified on the project. 




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