Project Planning Document Templates

Project Planning is the second phase of a project. This project management phase is key for project success. If the project has been planned correctly and the strategic approach to the project is understood, the project is more likely to be delivered to time, cost and quality.

On this project document template page, you will find popular project planning document templates, used by Project Managers and Programme Managers, to plan projects.

Simply click the 'download' button on the project planning document you require and alter to suit the needs of your project or programme.


 Communication Plan Template

 A Communication Plan outlines the approach taken to  communication throughout the entirety of the project, including  which project stakeholders receive which information, how  often and via which communication channel.



 Configuration Management Strategy Template

 A Configuration Management Strategy is a document that  keeps an up to date record of the project management and  specialist products, throughout the duration of the project,  ensuring the project is being run as smoothly as possible.



 Process Improvement Plan Template

 A Process Improvement Plan is a document describing how  processes will be monitored and measured as well as  keeping track of how they will be improved.




 Programme Benefit Profile Template

 A Programme Benefit Profile is a document that outlines how  a benefit will be tracked and measured throughout the  duration of the programme. It should include who owns the  benefits as well as its dependencies.



 Project Management Plan Template

 A Project Management Plan is created by the Project Manager  and is a formal document that answers the basic questions of  a project, including who is involved, the scope, the schedule  and project resources.



 Quality Management Strategy Template

 A Quality Management Strategy documents the correct quality  procedures to use throughout projects, including planning,  control, assurance, tools and techniques.




 Risk Management Plan Template

 A Risk Management Plan highlights the strategy and approach  that the project will take towards risk management, including  how project risks will be identified, managed and mitigated.




 Scope Management Plan Template

 A Scope Management Plan documents how the project scope  will be defined, managed, controlled and verified throughout  the entirety of the project.




 Activity Attributes Template

 An Activity Attributes document highlights  the details of each activity in the project,  making project planning easier.




 Activity Cost Estimates Template

 An Activity Cost Estimate document is a  useful tool in estimating the budget  required to deliver your project.




 Activity List Template

 An Activity List documents the work  needed to be done on the project,  describing a summary of the work and  who will be responsible for each activity.



 Assumption Log Template

 An Assumption Log is a document that  records all assumptions the project team  are working to, during a project.




 Benefits Review Plan Template

 A Benefits Review Plan plans the  necessary activities required to review the  expected benefits.




 Duration Estimates Template

 A Duration Estimates document is a  useful tool in estimating the time each  activity will take to complete in the project.




 Milestone List Template

 A Milestone List documents all significant  events during the duration of the project,  providing milestones in a basic reference  table for all project stakeholders.




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