Rise of the Business Analysts

14th May 2012

Project management in the UK has evolved, and as the growth of business analysis soars; so do the vacancies…

In 2008-2010, membership at the IIBA doubled from 7,000 to over 14,000 business analysis professionals. It’s now at over 23,000 and still rising – not bad for an association established in 2003.

Filtering out the ‘nice to haves’ from the ‘need to haves’ is a skillset that’s critical for businesses in the current economic climate. With the recession hitting hard and finances taking a bashing; it’s now more important than ever for projects and programmes to be delivered to time, cost and quality. At the moment, if you’ve worked on business process re-engineering – you’re hot stuff…

The ability to create and adapt efficient processes, to save time and money, is something all organisations are looking for – particularly in fast paced sectors like retail – where the speedy distribution of the latest trend or food product, could mean the difference between your store packed with satisfied customers, or shutdown and empty like a lot of shop fronts down the high street. Think about it… if you’re trying to sell bikinis and flip-flops in this “drought” and the English weather decides it’s time for thunderstorms and flooding; it’s not going to look good for revenue if you can’t supply rain coats and wellies – not unless teenagers decide wet, soggy feet is “in”.

With technology rocketing and e-commerce programmes and multi-channel initiatives going global, it’s not just a competition over which organisation have a product or solution first – it’s about which product the customer prefer, and which brand they want to be associated with.

When Apple launched their ‘iPad’ it was a race against the time for Research in Motion to come out with their ‘Blackberry Playbook’, which fails to compete. RIM had hoped it would slaughter the iPad, but instead, its high developmental costs and low sales figures, are heading the company towards bankruptcy. Last month they admitted their customers want iPhones.

It’s situations like this, that make it apparent just how important business analysis is, in sorting the worthwhile programmes from the futile ones.

Here at Programme, we understand what makes a good business analyst, and what business analysis, project management or change management qualities an organisation need. Presently, we’re working with a number of organisations on a number of projects and programmes. We’re also noticing an increase in the number of requirements for business analysts – and not just the experienced ones.


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Jeanette Pigeon - 26th September 2012


Thank you for sending me the link to your blog article "Rise of the Business Analysts".  Your article sheds light on the important role business analysts have in today's dynamic, fast-paced marketplace.  Organizations trying to do more with less money, and be the first to market with products and services that drive sales, is also the same demand we find in the US.  Business process and system re-engineering are two areas of high demand, yet we find many business analysts are not yet comfortable with the IT (technology) side of business processes.

It is a truly unique match of business and technical (IT) skills that are required for today's great BAs.  Which is why at aBetterBA our main goals are to help organizations improve the study and practice of business analysis, and ensure the BA practices are aligned with the organization's needs.  As needs change, organizations must rethink how they do business analysis to stay ahead of the marketplace, and reduce costs and streamline processes.

Thank for reaching out to us and we look forward to seeing you comment/like/share aBetterBA posts on our Facebook fan page.


Jeanette Pigeon, CBAP"


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