Candidate evaluation

Programme Recruitment conducts methodical evaluations of all candidates based on their knowledge and experience, and also based on a strong understanding of what our clients are looking for.

We have bespoke evaluation tools that enable us to quickly and easily assess a candidates’ knowledge and skill set. These are benchmarked against industry-standard training levels; methodically recognise strengths and weaknesses in each of the five key stages of project management, and also give a broad objective overview of candidates’ capabilities.

Candidate evaluation

We take up references from previous employers, and also conduct one-to-one, pre-selection interviews to establish a truly comprehensive picture of all candidates’ experience.

Only when we are highly confident that a candidate can truly improve a client’s business change programme, will we consider presenting them for interview.

“The competency-based assessment ensures your time is not wasted by any candidate placed in front of you, and you have the necessary supporting information to enable a like-for-like comparison of candidates’ strengths and their areas for development.”

Head of Change, Towry Law

We can also employ our candidate evaluation techniques to quickly audit skill levels among our clients’ existing employees. This enables us to help them determine how best to achieve their business goals, either by re-organising or re-training existing employees, or by recruiting the right new team members.  To learn more about the benefits of the online evaluation, follow this link.