About Evaluations

Why does Programme Recruitment follow the APM Body of Knowledge?

Programme Recruitment aligns themselves with the aims, objectives and professional approach of the Association for Project Management (APM). Their evaluation process uses the APM Body of Knowledge as it represents the holistic approach that Project Management and Programme Management Professionals need to take to be effective in their chosen careers.

What do the APM stand for?

The best place to find out is the APM website at www.apm.org.uk.

Using their words the mission statement of the APM is: "To develop and promote the professional disciplines of project management and programme management for the public benefit"

The are the largest independent professional body of its kind in Europe with over 17,500 individual and 500 corporate members throughout the UK and abroad.

They believe that Project Management Professionals can make a direct contribution to the economy, environment and society by managing effective change. Project Management and Programme Management Professionals should be capable, accountable and committed to their profession working in all sectors and all types of projects and programmes.

Project professionals should be able to demonstrate the APM five dimensions of professionalism:

  • Breadth of understanding as defined by the APM Body of Knowledge
  • Depth of ability in line with the APM Competence Framework
  • Achievement through professional qualifications and a portfolio of evidence
  • Commitment through Continuing Professional Development
  • Accountability through APM membership and the code of professional conduct

Those directly dependent on project management and programme management belong to all sectors of the economy, whether telecommunications, utilities, IT, construction or transport, pharmaceutical or engineering. They benefit from the increasing professionalism and skill levels which APM promotes across project management and programme management.

The Association for Project Management has over 35 years combining its members’ extensive experience in developing the science and art of project management. This is encapsulated in the APM Body of Knowledge, qualifications and other research activities and disseminated through its members, and more widely via print, electronic media and events.

Where can I get more information?

You can read more about the APM, its aims & objectives and approach to project management on their website – www.apm.org.uk

To find out more about how the evaluation can help you please follow this link - Developing a great Project Management team