Benefits for candidates

Why is the Programme Recruitment evaluation valuable for individuals?

Everyone is keen to learn and develop their skills to become the best that they can be.  When you’re developing as a Project Professional it’s important that you gain an understanding of your capabilities so you know what development, coaching or training you need to increase your effectiveness regardless of the role that you've chosen to adopt.

Assessing yourself is very difficult, especially if you haven’t had any feedback on your progress or if you have nobody else in the organisation to benchmark yourself against.  Even if you work for an enlightened company who concentrate on developing skills, how do you know that their view of a good project manager, programme manager, business analyst or portfolio office manager matches external expectations?

Our Programme Recruitment evaluations are a simple, tested and effective way of assessing your own strengths & weaknesses, giving you the opportunity to define your own plan for developing as an effective Project Professional.  They have been built to assess your knowledge against the appropriate Body of Knowledge and Technical Competencies Framework published by each of the recognised governing bodies.  The standards we assess against include the Association for Project Management (APM), International Institute of Business Analysts and the Office for Government & Commerce methodologies for PRINCE2, Managing Successful Programmes and Portfolio Management.

The questions are divided into the five key stages of project management:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Methods
  • People
  • Control

Other individuals have found that the evaluation:

  • Allows them to quickly compare their current knowledge & skills against a respected & accepted standard
  • Provides them with immediate feedback comparing their evaluation against typical profiles for professionals in their field including Programme Managers & Project Managers, Business Analysts and Portfolio Office Management roles
  • Indicates the areas that they need to concentrate on to develop their careers moving forward to their chosen goals
  • Can be used to demonstrate to prospective employers their skills & knowledge profiles and capabilities

Programme Recruitment, along with a number of our clients, use the evaluation to pre-assess candidates for positions in a wide range of different industries and business environments.  By understanding your current capabilities you can identify your own specific strengths & weaknesses and target your development time in those areas that need it most – increasing your attractiveness to employers when you look for your next career move.

You can be sure that all of your details are kept confidential as are the results of your assessment.  We will only disclose results to organisations or other individuals with your specific permission so taking the evaluation is simple, safe and risk free.

If you would like to take the Project Management Knowledge Evaluation please use the "start the evaluation now" box in the top right hand corner of this page.