Case Studies

From a plethora of successful projects we have highlighted a few examples to illustrate Programme Recruitment’s capabilities. In each case confidentiality dictates that we give only the basic details:

Local County Council

The election is approaching and cost cutting efficiency programmes are high on the agenda across most local county councils and government sectors. Programme Recruitment has been involved in a number of programmes within the public sector. They consist of IT Outsource and In-sourcing programmes; cost cutting efficiencies and business transformation programmes; organisational designs; assisting to advise, build and recruit in-house Project Management and Programme Management internal business transformation teams, saving millions of pounds, and delivering Project Management and Programme Management capability to one of the UK’s largest government funded initiatives.


A major five year business transformation was underway at a leading global services company. Programme Recruitment was contacted by the Head of Projects and Programmes to assist them in identifying permanent Project Managers and Programme Managers, as they had reviewed over 200 CV’s over the past five months without any successful hires. We worked in partnership with the client to provide permanent Project Managers and Programme Managers and were successful in delivering to tight timescales and budgets. Out of the four candidates we supplied, three were hired. Programme Recruitment took control of the process by searching, interviewing, evaluating and pre-selecting the candidates to attend pre-agreed interview times and dates. Programme Recruitment has now been appointed their exclusive and preferred supplier for all business transformation specialists across the organisation.


One of the UK’s largest retail organisations decided to take the unique step of offering their services on line, including home delivery. This organisation was the first to successfully implement and bring these services to market. Programme Recruitment supplied a number of interim and permanent Programme ManagersProject Managers and Business Analysts over a 12-month period. The new service was successfully launched on time, to budget and ahead of their competitors.

Large Scale Recruitment Project

A major UK plc was going through organisational change; part of these changes was the process of forming new skills groups. Programme Recruitment worked with the CEO and Head of Programme and Project Management skills group to assess centralised resources; benchmarking internal skills against market availability, developing methods and standards to bring skills in line with the highest levels of expertise achievable. We identified the gaps and ran a recruitment project to attract and select eight new Programme Managers and Project Managers. We closely managed the recruitment process, conducting research, running an advertising campaign, carefully screening all relevant applicants through to attending interviews and debriefing with the client. Twelve candidates were interviewed and all eight selected after one day of interviews. The client estimated that five days of time were saved; no unwanted CVs, irrelevant candidates or time wasted in the interviewing process.


A major Utilities company has adopted AGILE methodology across the business. After months of unsuccessfully attempting to identify and recruit a number of Certified SCRUM Masters and AGILE Coaches, Programme Recruitment was contacted thanks to an internal recommendation. Programme Recruitment worked closely with the Head of Projects to indentify and deliver a number of interim SCRUM Masters to fill the gaps whilst permanent head count was identified and successfully placed. As part of our success, Programme Recruitment has now been asked to become one of their only preferred suppliers for business change and AGILE specialists.