CACI Information Solutions

"Dear Programme Recruitment,

I would like to thank you for your recent help in finding excellent candidates for my vacancies.

Having worked for a large organisation in the past, with a substantial Human Resources area, I was surprised about how time-consuming the recruitment process was within an organisation with a different HR setup. I had discussed the details of my vacancies with several other agencies and I found that I was sent CVs of people with good experience but not matched to the job specification, or discussions that I had with the agency.

I was pleased that you took the time to understand properly the nature of the role and the type of person I would like to appoint, which saved me a lot of time sifting through irrelevant CVs, something with which I was growing tired. I did invite you into the equation late in the recruitment process, and I had already interviewed several other candidates from other agencies. However, the fact that you sent me three CVs and I appointed two of those three people speaks for itself.

I am interested in pursuing your offer of providing a recruitment service to all other parts of CACI, and that is a conversation that we will pick up in the New Year."

Head of Market Databases, CACI Information Solutions