"Who is Telewest?

Telewest Broadband is a leading provider of content, telephone, digital television and internet services in the UK. Telewest is undergoing a number of change projects to improve the quality of customer care to address a challenging and rapidly changing environment. Nicole Smith, Programme Recruitment, has supported Telewest for several years and assisted in specifying and finding people with the right skills.

Change Programme

As part of the change programme undertaken at Telewest, a number of work streams have been initiated. Call centre virtualisation, eCare and Operational Consolidation are focused on a better customer experience, deriving economies of scale and changing the way Telewest operates. These initiatives meant employing people with project management, change management, customer care, business analysis and IT skills to help achieve the business goals.

What was provided?

The key work streams are ongoing and Telewest have continued to secure the appropriate people as and when needed to deliver each element. This means working with a partner who understands the project requirements and can present pre-qualified people without the necessity of an extended interview process. Telewest has been working with Nicole to achieve this for several years and the result has been the successful delivery of each of the project phases. This support has helped to make us successful."

Head of Human Resources, NTL:Telewest