Towry Law

"Programme Recruitment has consistently delivered for me time and time again. The approach taken by the team to matching suitability, capability and skills is all that is right about specialists in sourcing change agents for organisations that truly want to deliver change.

Over the course of the last five years, Programme Recruitment has successfully sourced, on my behalf, programme management, business analyst professionals and project management professionals in both permanent and interim positions.

Their holistic approach considers organisational fit, cultural fit and team fit, balanced with marrying up the core skills and capability for delivering the projects in whatever part of the life-cycle they might be.

The up-front qualification of the role requirements complements their approach to suitable candidate qualification, assessment and short-listing for interview. The competency-based assessment ensures your time is not wasted by any candidate placed in front of you and you have all the necessary supporting information to enable a ‘like for like’ comparison of a candidate’s strength and their areas for development.

Unlike other organisations operating in this space, Programme Recruitment’s approach is geared around matching suitability to the requirement; managing the process for you; allowing you to select the right candidate in the right time-frame, and minimizing the impact of the recruitment process on the decision-makers time, all without compromising on quality and excellence.

The assessment process has been extended to help develop capability for existing team members and I will continue to use Programme Recruitment for appointing future project professionals.

Testament to the excellence of the service is that many of the interim appointments have been extended for additional project work underway, and all appointments have fit into the wider team and organisation from day one."

Head of Change, Towry Law