Project People

People are what Programme Recruitment is all about. Understanding the value of existing employees; recognising when additional project management staff are required, and knowing what kinds of people would fill particular skill gaps are areas in which we excel.

We are wholly focused on the change management sector, from project coordinators to heads of programmes, project managers, programme managers, change managers, business analysts and other projects professionals, and have great expertise and unrivalled experience in helping our clients meet their business needs. Time and again we receive recommendations from project professionals we have successfully placed, whose own career development has been accelerated thanks to the focus provided by our unique evaluation process.

Those same people use our services to recruit their own business change specialists because they know that we always seek to recruit people in roles that play to their strengths, and that’s good for everyone.

Our own people are highly motivated and focused on meeting the needs of clients and candidates alike. We take a strong personal interest in everyone we come into contact with, and form lasting relationships over many years.


If you're having any difficulties finding the right candidate for your organisation, don't hesitate to get in touch - Programme Recruitment offers in-depth and thorough recruitment services to suit your organisation's project or programme needs.

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