Programme Recruitment - our Project Tools

28th January 2013


This section is full of handy project management document templates and online job specifications for project managers, programme managers, business analysts, PMO staff, change management specialists and everything in between.

Check it out – we’ve got everything from project initiation documents to communication plans and project closure reports. The project document templates are split into the four phases of the project lifecycle, making them easy to find and download.

Simply visit the Project Tools section, download the project management document template or job specification you require, and alter to suit the needs of your project or programme!

We’ve suffered sleepless nights dreaming about feasibility studies and risk management plans so busy project and programme professionals everywhere can reap the benefits, now we’d like your help. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Programme Recruitment Project Tools section, please do get in touch with your feedback, it would be greatly valued –

Programme, for life’s variables of change.

Rose Green - 29th January 2013

"Wow - lots and lots of documentation! Great job." 

Nicole Smith, Managing Director - 29th January 2013

"Thank you, we appreciate your feedback. It has taken hard work by the team at Programme - well done Emma and the team! If you are a Project or Programme Manager, Business Analyst or PMO please do take a look, it will only take minute and could save you hours writing the documents or job specifications from scratch." 

Dr Bill Egginton - 29th January 2013

"What a great initiative and may I say thanks and well done for adding some very useful resources to the site - and for making them publically available. Generic templates are always welcome as a starting point for customisation and I can see how these will be able to add value (and save time) for a range of individuals and organisations."

@TheCVRighter - 29th January 2013

"Well done guys!"